The world is transitioning from a foreign exchange system to a Global X Change. The GXToken is the foundation for the Global X Change Operating System.

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The GXToken

The GXOS serves across four distinct verticals within each exchange transaction. Rethinking the relationship traders have with each other and the market, this OS is the future of financial communication.

Currently the world has siloed these digital assets into a set of closed exchanges which discriminate based on asset class.

Current Way

#GX Way

  • Siloed platforms with little interoperability
  • No time value for investors long term capital
  • Investment management process is cumbersome and ineffective
  • Integrate into any exchange api our state of the art trading terminals
  • Earn interest on your passive capital through our decentralized money markets
  • Launch and manage a fund through your very own IFO™

GXT Gives You Access To Zero Trading Fees, Exclusive Analytics & Market Data Through GXLIve

With GXT, You Can Issue Your Very Own IFO™ Token And Manage Your Investment Fund

With GXT You Can Earn Interest On Your Crypto Assets In The GX Decentralized Money Markets

Why Buy The GXT?

The Worlds First ExchangeOS


The GXToken is your passport to the GXOS.

You can choose which routing engine you want to use for a particular transaction from any terminal.

You have the option to choose between the GXAccess or GXInstitutional Terminals. Either of these highly customizable workstation become your interface to the OS.

GXLive is the data processing machine for all the market information coming into your terminal.

GXTrade is a centralized routing engine where we use our state of the art smart routing algorithms to find the place to exchange and execute your trade.

GXDecentral is a decentralized routing engine that navigates your orders to one of the GXMarkets where it will be filled in a time stamped money market.

GXSecurities is a special purpose routing engine which connects to a variety of regulated security token exchanges.

Start: January 1st 2019

End: April 15th 2019

Total Supply: 100,000,000 GXT

Exchange Rate: 1 GXT = 0.0006 ETH

SoftCap: 3,000 ETH

HardCap: 15,000 ETH

Token Symbol: GXT

Found Protocol: ERC20


Phase 1

Phase 2

Start: April 16th 2019

End: July 31st 2019

Total Supply: 100,000,000 GXT

Exchange Rate: 1 GXT = 0.0018 ETH

SoftCap: 9,000 ETH

HardCap: 45,000 ETH

Token Symbol: GXT

Protocol: ERC20


Phase 3

Start: August 1st 2019

End: December 1st 2019

Total Supply: 100,000,000 GXT Exchange Rate: 1 GXT = 0.0054 ETH

SoftCap: 27,000 ETH

HardCap: 135,000 ETH

Token Symbol: GXT

Protocol: ERC20


Road Map

January, 2019

GXTrade and GXLive will be launching in select markets across the world. You will be able to use your GXT on our exchange as soon as it goes live.

GXDecentral will launch with access to the GXETH Money Market. This will also mark the launch of the GXAccess Terminal 2.0

June, 2019

August, 2019

The first IFO will go live with the release of the full GXInstitutional Terminal.

December, 2019

GXNEO, GXEOS, and GXADA will be added to the GXMarkets. GXDecentral and GXTrade 2.0 will be released

January, 2020

The full ICO will conclude and we will begin beta testing the GXSecurities platform for securities trading.

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We are delighted to be backed by one of the most respected firms in the blockchain space, Nvest Inc. Our partnership with Nvest will put a Global X Change office in every single NvestBank branch. Take a look at our Toronto Branch.

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The #GX Revolution

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